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Welcome to KSOM Consulting!

We help organizations do better Agile. We bring together solutions to help companies adopt, transform and scale their business with Agile Development methodologies. We focus on the alignment of Agile Process, Agile Technology and Agile Professionals to build and optimize a lasting framework to grow our client’s business with speed and quality.

Agile Transformation

We can help you create your Agile team and guide you through the process to secure management buy-in to proceed. Once accomplished, we'll “kick into high gear”, working in collaboration with you to ensure that your first Agile implementation is an unmitigated success.

Why use Agile

Using the Agile software development methodology provides many opportunities to assess the direction of a project throughout the development life cycle. This is achieved through regular cadences of work, known as sprints or iterations, at the end of which teams must present an increment of work that is ready to be shipped


Agile Technology

Select the right tool aligned to your needs
Maximize efficiency and productivity across your teams
Visualize your work flows
Gain access to roll up metrics across projects

KSOM’s Guiding Principles

We practice Agility by
Progressive Elaboration: the concept that our work evolves and develops over time and the more we look at it, question it, discuss it, the more clear and precise the right solution becomes.

Regular Inspection:Inspecting what we do and how we do it on frequent and consistent intervals.

Collaboration:Working together, discussing ideas, challenging view points, feeding off each other’s energy, ideas and strategy and pushing each other to come up with a better solution than one mind alone.

Adaptation: – At the core of Agile, is that we build a plan and we plan often, but we also plan to adapt.