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Transitioning to Agile: Avoiding Bumps and Bruises as You Escape the Waterfall (HTML)
BY SYSTEMS EVOLUTION, INC - 01-DEC-11 This article will focus on the people changes when implementing Scrum, which is the most common Agile framework; however, many of the concepts discussed here can also be applied to other Agile approaches.

Agile Glossary
Complete list of Agile terms, defined by Agile expert Damon Poole.

Real World Agile and the Need to Support Hybrid Processes
The ability to support a Hybrid Process, or a term we've used lately, "Real World Agile," is extremely important to being successful at your Agile implementation. We see this impacting three areas of your Agile adoption.

Agiles Project Management mit PMI® und Scrum BY TURAL & CO. - 07-MAR-10 Ein Projekt kann nur erfolgreich sein, wenn es über so viel Eigendynamik wie die Dynamik ihrer Umwelt verfügt. Projekte reagieren permanent auf Veränderungen in ihren Umwelten, indem sie sich von ihnen irritieren lassen. Wenn die projektinternen Abläufe und das Auftreten den Umwelten gegenüber viabel, d.h. brauchbar, sind, befindet sich das Projekt auf dem Weg zum Erfolg.

Agile/Lean Product Development and Delivery: Mastering the Art of Change BY RUSSELL PANNONE - 23-SEP-09
Mastering the "art" of agile/lean systems and software product development and delivery requires you ask yourself, "Do I really understand both the technical and non-technical imperatives associated with this undertaking?" This article takes a look at mastering the art of agile/lean system and software product development and delivery; focusing on change.

Agile Development: A Guide Toward Putting a Toe in Agile Waters BY SYSTEMS EVOLUTION, INC - 01-MAY-11
The decision on whether or not to make the switch to an Agile Development methodology can be a daunting one. What is Agile? How are other companies using Agile? What should be considered to decide if Agile is right for my organization? This article will help frame some of those questions and weigh the advantages and risks of heading down the Agile path.

A Decade of Agile Methodologies: Towards Explaining Agile Software Development
Ever since the agile manifesto was created in 2001, the research community has devoted a great deal of attention to agile software development. This article examines publications and citations to illustrate how the research on agile has progressed in the 10 years following the articulation of the manifesto. Specifically, we delineate the conceptual structure underlying agile scholarship by performing an analysis of authors who have made notable contributions to the field. Further, we summarize prior research and introduce contributions in this special issue on agile software development. We conclude by discussing directions for future research and urging agile researchers to embrace a theory-based approach in their scholarship.

We?ve Been Doing it Wrong for How Long!?
Yup. It?s true. The tried and true development approach of Waterfall that we?ve been using for years was an example of what NOT to do for software development.