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We are a prominent organization involved in rendering IT Services. Our services are cater to different sectors at cost-competitive prices as per the suitability and requirements of the clients.

.We offer high quality services that match the expectations of our customers
.Best possible solutions keeping in mind the clients' strategic business interests and risks involved
.Highly reliable, effective and can be implemented as per the specifications provided by the clients
.Skilled and talented professionals with immense industry experience<

We at KSOM, with the cutting-edge technology and efficient workforce have been successful in offering our customers with the best IT Solutions. Our professionals possess rich experience and in-depth knowledge in the respective domains of operation. The services offered are acclaimed for reliability, cost effectiveness and flexibility.

We have been consistent in executing all our IT Services with great efficiency and uncompromising quality, ensuring total customer satisfaction. Further, our cost-effective and value based services are instrumental in offering reliable IT outsourcing and design solutions to all our clients. Our clients vary from a small enterprise to a large scale organization and corporate companies. Also, the services are offered as per clients specifications at cost-competitive prices. The systematic execution of the services are done with the help of our diligent team of professionals. The entire range our services include:

Rapid Software Development
Mobile Development Services
Cloud Consulting
Web Application Development
Testing Services: Testing Services
Testing & Automation
Rich Internet Applications/UX: Rich Internet Applications
Design Services: Design Services
Nearshore/Outsourcing Services

Rapid Software Development:
Build great software by leveraging our Agile best practices and thought leaders Agile software development is a practice based approach empowered with values, principles and practices which make the software development process easier and faster. Agile methods which encompass individual methods like extreme programming, feature driven development, scrum, etc. are now being introduced into the commercial and academic worlds because of rapidly changing business environments and the urge for businesses to respond to new opportunities and competition. Our standard development methodology is agile scrum that lets us collaborate with clients better and iterate over rapid development sprints during which we deliver quality software. Through our agile development model, we have been able to ensure quick turnaround which in turn has facilitated faster time to market. We provide:
• Consistent delivery of stable solutions
• Minimal variance in effort and schedule
• Zero defect delivery
• Customized solutions to ensure end user delight
• Better software integration
We make your experience with software development services a delight by bringing in teams with strong technical and domain expertise, round the clock support and better understanding of business needs.

Mobile Development Services:
Our Mobile Development Services will offer latest technologies to create mobile software solutions for various platforms such as iPhone / iPad, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Phone.
• Stable and secure mobile apps for all types of mobile platforms
• We develop smarter and feature-rich mobile applications that transcend user expectations by harnessing the power of mobile technology
• We offer high quality mobile apps at cost-effective prices to empower your business and reach your target audience at ease

Why KSOM for Mobile Development?

We offer exceptional mobile application development services. As a responsible offshore mobile development company in India, we bring to you the following benefits of our full-fledged ODC.
• Availability of complete mobile development services under one roof
• Extensive experience in mobile applications development
• Sound technical know-how of various mobile platforms like iPhone / iPad, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, & Windows
• Close interaction with clients from beginning to the end of the mobile application development project
• Smarter and intelligent features in applications that transcend user expectations
• Multi-feature packed mobile UI design for greater user experience
• Excellent mobile development solutions at affordable prices
• Facility to hire iPhone / iPad, Android developers according to your project and budgetary constraints
• Worldwide customer base

Leverage mobile technologies to bring in business transformation and generate value anywhere anytime. Mobile devices have disrupted the way enterprises and consumers view and access information. There is an ever rising need to address new challenges arising out of this disruption. Our approach towards mobility is to map the need and technology and choose the best fit in terms of native, hybrid or web approaches, frameworks, toolsets, and plugins. If the customer requires A, we demonstrate that A+ is possible. KSOM’s mobility services have been designed to cover a wide range of industry needs which chiefly includes:
• Consulting services
• Mobile Testing & user experience services
• Application development
• Products and accelerators
• Enterprise mobile services
• Mobile analytics services
• Mobile Compatible Websites
• Mobile UI Design
• Mobile E-Publishing

MCube is KSOM’s mobile incubation center dedicated to building mobile accelerators for rapid deployment of mobile solutions. Our team is continuously exploring upcoming technologies and working on proof of concepts in areas like: NFC, gamification, geo fencing, mobile payments, mobile video streaming, social technologies, augmented reality, QR Code, analytics and context aware technologies. The final deliverable at the end of each incubation project is a domain agnostic plug and play component.

KSOM’s Mobile Development Service Offerings

We provide comprehensive mobile development services that give your customers delightful user experience and increase ROI of your business, run over hand-held devices. Analytics

Real-time and scalable analytic solutions to help organizations capture, organize and analyze data to make intelligent business decisions Big data analytics promises to transform the way companies do business and deliver better business results. However, the traditional data management methods and tools are ineffective when responding to big data challenges. analytics solution helps you analyze large amounts of structured and unstructured data to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and other useful information thus enabling business stakeholders to make informed decisions. We provide you with evidence-based and data driven support in your performance management, quality care, fraud detection space, by identifying recurring patterns, building metrics and implementing statistical analysis systems that provides value, optimization and cost advantages.
• Implementation Consulting:
• Devise a big data implementation strategy aligned to your business needs.
• Adoption Accelerators:
• Accelerate your big data implementation and deployment
• Analytics Centre of Excellence:
• Thought leaders in the space of data analysis in finance, banking and life sciences domains.
• Strong team with core analytics skills including SAS professionals.
• Global fortune 100 customers in analytics space.

Cloud Consulting

Empowering your business to meet dynamic workloads, maximize IT asset utilization, boost ROI and increased Agility. Legacy systems are increasingly proving incapable of supporting unpredictable business demands, and large-scale, multi-geography deployments. In this scenario, application modernization and migration to the cloud becomes the most viable option for enterprises. To sustain and grow in an increasingly demanding economic environment, enterprises are looking at means to save time and cost, provide competitive advantage and enable increased responsiveness. To deliver maximum value, CXOs are looking for secure, economical, scalable, reliable and agile applications, particularly in terms of development, upgrades, migration and deployment.
KSOM cloud enabled application transformation portfolio of services includes:
• Application Refactoring and Migration Services: KSOM has developed a cloud migration framework to help organizations build an enterprise application migration strategy to reap the benefits from cloud adoption. The cloud migration framework comprises a cloud migration methodology and the tools that help in application migration, platform monitoring, security and compliance.
• Automated Provisioning Services: KSOM provides a full range of chef development services to meet your provisioning and automation needs. KSOM believes that all environments – from desktops and workstations, through testing and staging environments, right up to production – should be under configuration management. In order to build an infrastructure that delivers value to the business, we need to integrate various resources and components. We build these components using the opscode chef framework, which allows us to treat the various resources as code, and manage them using tried and tested software development methodologies. This means that every component of your infrastructure is under version control, is repeatable, is cloneable, is testable, is documented and is built according to current best practices.
• Managed & Monitoring Services: Based on our best practices and expertise in managing large SaaS applications and targeted at SMB’s, this service includes complete infrastructure monitoring, change management, optimization management, and compliance. This service is perfect for companies that want to scale their cloud operations while minimizing operating expense and risk.

Web Application Development: Next generation Web Applications to help you sail smooth through challenging and constantly-evolving technological changes.
• Tone-down IT complexity, facilitate seamless work flow and synchronize business operations
• In-depth analysis and understanding of client’s requirements
• Exclusive business-enhancing features with cross-platform compatibility
• Web applications that can keep you on the upbeat of the IT rhythm by hampering down-times and accelerating productivity

Web Application Development Service Offerings
• Custom Software Development
• Web Content Management System
• E-Commerce Portal
• Social Networking Development
• Custom ERP Development
• Smart Card Solutions

Testing Services: Testing Services
Testing & Automation
Independent testing services to help you achieve quality and high performance in all your deliverables Testing has emerged as a strategic function in the software development lifecycle. Testing practices are crucial to ensure quality delivery of the software product on time, within budget and with the agreed confidence levels. Our testing & automation practice with experienced test engineers, latest testing tools, technologies, simulators and devices ensure superior delivery. Our robust testing processes assist in reducing test cycles to address the constant pressure from stakeholders. An ineffective process might potentially lead to loss of revenue and customer trust. KSOM’s continuous investment in Testing CoE brings in rich domain expertise and industry best practices to deliver products that are customer ready. Our focus is to transform key processes that affect go-to-market time with specialized testing practices like:
• Test automation
• Performance testing
• Regression testing
• Data warehouse testing
• Usability testing
• Security testing
• Functional testing
• SOA testing

Enable testing as a service by leveraging our innovative approaches to deliver accelerated results and enhance business readiness.
Testing Center of Excellence:

TCoE is a centralized testing model that brings people and infrastructure together into a shared services function for standardizing test processes, optimizing utilization of resources and creating re-usable test assets/repositories in order to generate enhanced benefits across the organization. Our TCoE offering leverages our expertise in test design, governance, process, tools and infrastructure; assuring our clients lower test cycle times, creation of well-structured test repositories, adoption of best-of-breed automation frameworks and ultimately ensuring ‘first time right’ quality.

We work closely with Independent software vendors (ISVs) and software service companies, offering them state-of-the-art quality assurance software testing services.
• We have strong software testing delivery model that allow us to release bug-free software / applications
• Our professional team of test engineers have a vast experience of software testing services
• Our quality software testing services includes test plan, test cases, execution, defect reporting, defect analysis, risk assessments and recommendations

KSOM has expertise and experience in various testing software and technologies. Our testing team includes experts who are proficient in manual and automated testing. Our software testing services are designed specifically to meet client’s needs. We have put together best practices into a structured testing methodology and is capable of delivering cost-effective, bug-free solutions using the blended delivery model. Our expert test engineers will leave no stone unturned in the search for bugs that could interfere with the software / product. In fact, you can count on our refined skills and process to catch bugs earlier rather than later, saving you considerable expense. In the development process, the test effort will be focused by different software development models. We use methodology of Agile, by which an increased portion of the testing is directed in the hands of the developer before it reaches a team of testers. Hence, the product goes through various testing stage before being deployed.

Our expert QA testing services include:
• Software Testing
• Embedded Testing
• Automation Testing